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My textbooks totally look like that. – Via Facebook

So I really haven’t done any blogging in some time – a fact that was really hammered home when Lucrative Pain posted her last entry on Veterans’ Day and mentioned that she was inspired to start her own blog after reading mine and Tam’s. It reminded me that I used to blog a lot, about a lot of things, and now I don’t really blog at all.

A while back, I prophesied that I would probably not blog a lot anymore if I was trying to keep up with the blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and whatever other social media sites are out there. That was actually one of the reasons that I didn’t have any of them until 2009. I got Facebook because my work wanted me to set up a social media site for the museum and to do that, I needed a Facebook account. Then, of course, I reconnected with a bunch of high school friends, friended most of my reenacting buddies, and the rest is history. I probably spend more time on Facebook than anywhere else on the Internet with the possible exception of Tumblr.

Tumblr is a very interesting concept. It’s not really blogging because most people don’t post any long entries like actual bloggers do. And it doesn’t offer the kind of comment interaction that blogs do on WordPress or Blogspot. But it’s a great place for discovering historical images, gun porn, artwork, and just about any fandom you might be part of. It’s also great to be able to reblog and share easily. And it’s great for sharing Instagram pictures with friends who don’t have Instagram … although that may fall by the wayside now that Instagram automatically comes with online profiles (which I think is lame because, well, if I wanted the pictures online, I’d have shared them on Tumblr anyway).

Anyway, between all of those other venues, my blog has been neglected. Largely because I can do a lot on those other sites from my phone but blogging is really hard without a proper keyboard. Even the larger display on the Galaxy SIII doesn’t really lend itself to typing whole paragraphs. At least it doesn’t for me.

The other reason has been that I don’t spend as much time on the computer as I used to, largely because I’m too damn busy most of the time. I’m going back to school (again) – this time back through SUNY Canton, where I took my EMT-Basic classes, to get my EMT-CC. New York, in all its glory, decided that it needed to have four levels of EMT instead of three. Most of the country has three – EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic. New York has to shove EMT-CC in there, which is EMT-Critical Care. In terms of practice, an EMT-CC’s in New York perform nearly all of the skills Paramedics perform. The biggest differences are that CC’s have to call medical control before giving medications whereas Paramedics don’t, there are a handful of skills CC’s don’t to (like crichothyrotomy), and Paramedics spend a lot more time on Pathophysiology than CC’s do.

Long story short, school is seriously kicking my ass. I’ll be the first to admit that this is not an easy class and that not all of the manual skills come easy to me, either. I’m great on intubations. Easy. Look at the hole between the vocal cords, insert tube into hole. Simple. I’m not so great on IVs, even though it’s really the same concept – see vein, insert needle into vein. How hard can that be? Very, apparently, if you can’t see the vein. Or if it rolls. Or if it blows. I’ve so far managed to get signed off on all of the skills I’ve needed to get signed off on, and I carry an excellent grade point average in the class. Considering the class average is below 60, I’m doing really well, but still … I’m a perfectionist. I don’t like getting anything less than 90.

I’ve also started running back in August but then got injured at the Iron Dog in September and took some time off to let my calf heal. I’m back to running now and taking it more slowly. I did do a 2 miler for Breast Cancer Awareness and a 5K on base in October. Both were fun. I did well at both of them. (I took a third place in women’s at the 5K, but there honestly were few women so it wasn’t much of a contest.)

About three weeks ago, when my husband left on deployment, I started going on the paleo diet – or a form thereof. I’m saying a form thereof because apparently a lot of people do 80/20 paleo – meaning they eat 80% paleo food and then have some non-paleo foods either mixed in or on the weekends. I’ve been doing something similar. There are a couple of things I’m not ready to give up (ahem, chocolate) and a couple of things where I’m willing to compromise (like rice bread instead of eating no bread at all), but overall I’ve been doing well, eating good, and losing weight. The hardest part is coming home late – like after school – when fast food would just be so much easier. So sometimes I have that, but generally I’ll grab a salad from a fast food place, which is technically still paleo, rather than, say, a burger.

Anyway … just an update. Follow me on Tumblr for random stuff, I update there more often. :)

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  • 1. Oran Woody  |  November 24, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    Hang in there girl on the diet. I am fighting a similar battle, but for different reasons. I was told last year that I am pre diabetic. This is after a lifetime (I’m 69) of healthy living and consistent exercise. So, I gave up cereals and breads, both of which, I could almost live on. Then, went to 99% rabbit food. Now, I have lost weight, but am pretty sure that I could absorb a loaf of bread through my palms just by holding it.
    Good luck on the diet and on the exercise.

  • 2. Stormdrane  |  November 22, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  • 3. Windy Wilson  |  November 20, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    Re prepping for the exam. That’s why I always used five different colors of highlighters. It wasn’t as noticeable that I highlighted everything.

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