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Did you Know?

If there is one thing that has really been pissing me off lately, it’s been eBay and their retarded policies.

Now, let’s put the fact aside that eBay charges you left and right for things: there’s a charge for listing an item, an extra charge for adding pictures, another charge for any extras such as a subtitle or listing something in two categories, final value fees, and heaven know what the hell else you’re getting charged for. That I could deal with, if I were actually able to list half of the stuff I would like to sell.

I give you Exhibit A.

Some of you are undoubtedly going to look at this and say, “Ah, okay, it’s a German mess kit.” Which, indeed, it is. To be specific, it’s a World War II German political mess kit. A Hitler Youth mess kit to be exact. Which means that I can’t list it on eBay because I can’t describe it.

You see, if I were to describe it as what it is – a World War II German youth (or HJ/BDM/DJ) mess kit – eBay would remove the listing because it supposedly falls under the category of hateful and discriminatory that they use to remove “evil Nazi” items from their site because they are illegal in x amount of countries. Mind you, a mess kit, even a political one, is not illegal anywhere, not even in Germany, and the Germans love to outlaw stuff that make you scratch your head. Outlawing the swastika is one thing, but some of their evil symbol laws just make you wonder.

The funny thing is, there’s plenty of stuff on eBay that can and is being listed from the same time period and that is just as un-illegal and un-offensive as the mess kit. Stamps are a good example. Period stams from the Third Reich, such as the stamp showing an HJ boy and BDM girl. Described by pretty much any eBay vendors as “Nazi youth HJ BDM stamp.” Why is that a proper description for a stamp but not a proper description for a mess kit? What harm does a mess kit do that a stamp does not? And never mind that there’s a big swastika on the stamp and none, not even a hint of any kind of markings, on the mess kit.


Another ridiculous example of eBay idiocy is the word “grenade”. You would think that the eBay GeStaPo will self-destruct deleting auctions based on key words one of these days.

In this case, a friend of mine, Jeff, who’s handy with a sewing machine, reproduced a Vietnam era South Vietnamese grenade vest. The kind that is used for carrying grenades. He put it on eBay describing it exactly as what it was – a reproduction South Vietnamese grenade vest. He added pictures. He described it more thoroughly in the actual listing.

It was removed. The reason given was that it falls into eBay’s prohibited category, which specifically forbids grenades and anything having to do with grenades – well, with the actual rounds. Things like fuses and grenade bodies and that sort of thing. It doesn’t say a thing about clothing used to carry grenades. Except that, apparently, eBay’s staff are too stupid to sell the difference between an article of clothing and an actual grenade.

I can’t even list this on eBay because it violates their policies.

See, eBay forbids the listing of ammunition, which, according to their “specific examples” includes “live, inert, and blank ammunition, as well as any component used to make up an actual round of ammunition, such as lead bullets, brass/casings, shells, primers and gunpowder.” Never mind that no part of this makes up an actual round of ammunition, seeing how it’s cut in half, mounted on a display stand, and contains no primer or gun powder. But it’s still against the rules.


So here’s what we’re actually allowed to list on eBay. I’m surprised they’re letting us sell the Glock knife. Y’know, it’s sharp. Someone cut hurt themselves. Or use it to threaten someone.

Good point brought up on another forum: eBay has banned the sales of weapons and munitions – remember, it used to be that you could sell such items on eBay – due to the fact that items are age restricted, or that they are regulated or illegal in some states, then how come that eBay is allowing the sale of adult materials or drug paraphenalia?

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What fun are the holidays if you cannot use them as an excuse to dress your loved ones up in ridiculous holiday sweaters? While I’m sparing Trueman the experience of the holiday sweater and am certainly glad I’m spared it as well, our four-legged furry ones are not getting out of it so easily.

Who can resist a kitty in a sweater, anyway? *laughs* Okay, so generally I am absolutely against dressing pets up. I hate nothing more than seeing some poor little dog decked out in a “sun dress” or “preppy sweater” or some other ridiculous concoction that make you think these people either need to get a life or start having children, but if it’s done in good fun and in the privacy of your own four walls … well, that’s a whole ‘nother matter altogether.

So, I give you … Finn and his Christmas sweater. The sweater says “Meow” in green on the back, with white snow flakes around it. It’s actually pretty cute. The kind of indignation only a cat can produce when faced with wearing a sweater, however, is what makes the outfit.

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